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Back Pain & Back Ache

Some experts say that as much as 80% of the Australian population experience back problems at some stage in their lives.

man receiving an adjustment from a Chiropractor in ClevelandFor many of us we only think about back ache or back pain as something to be addressed only after it has occurred, and many of us do not seek care for back pain at all… so you are ahead of the crowd, you are here looking for answers about your back pain and that’s a great first step.

The good news is that through their five years of university training, chiropractors are extremely qualified to not only help you get to the cause of your back or neck pain, but will also help you maintain your long term spinal health. A chiropractor will use various techniques, often including X-Rays, to help diagnose and then manage your spinal health related problems.

Spinal adjustments are just one aspect of a chiropractor’s expertise in helping to relieve your back ache and pain. As part of your overall care they will also look at helpful exercises, lifestyle advice and education regarding the long term relief and management of back and neck aches and pain.

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